2020-Present: Principal Technical Artist/Houdini Specialist, CCP Games London Studio

  • Feature owner for procedural landscape pipeline development
  • Scattering of assets and generation of art based on abstracted inputs.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

2019: Senior Technical Artist, Splash Damage

  • Profiling and optimizing for 60fps AAA console title
  • Shader and tool development in UE4

2018: Technical Artist, Bossa Studios

  • Sole Technical Artist on multiplayer co/op project
  • Worked on implementing solutions for rendering and handling graphics for open world game. Implemented GPU-instanced tile-based terrain with quad-tree clipmapping for low VRAM usage and sub-1ms rendertime.
  • Toolkit development for Unity/Maya pipeline with automated folder- and file-naming, including tools for best-guess renaming and integration of 3rd party assets.
  • Experimental tools using Houdini Engine for expanding toolset in unity for asset placement and creation.

2017: Technical Artist, Sperasoft

  • Worked in co-development of a AAA multiplayer FPS with Ubisoft Montreal
  • Problem-solving and knowledge sharing between teams and members for working with in-house proprietary engine
  • Developing effects and solutions on a tight payload budget, to fit with game disk space requirement for a game this large.

2016: Associate Worldbuilder/Technical Artist, Double Fine

  • Worked on Playstation VR title: “Psychonauts: In The Rhombus of Ruin” and preliminary work on “Psychonauts 2”
  • Unreal 4 material development and environment art

2014: “Cracks” Live commercial project for Viborg Animation Festival, Compositing and Idea Development

2010: 3D Animator Cadesign Form A/S

  • Obtained work experience in animation, modeling and rendering.
  • Infomercials, commercials and pr for major industrial companies.
  • Learned to work in teams of 2-3 people and collaborate directly with clients.

2007: Graphics Artist Apprentice, Unity Studios

  • Learned the game development pipeline,
  • Acquired training in programming, shader programming and game optimization for low-level platforms.
  • Client and independent work in teams of 2-5.


2012: The Animation Workshop, Bachelor in Computer Arts

  • Specifically attended this to improve skills in art and aesthetics
  • Tool-specialist on almost every project

2006: 3D College Grenaa, Multimedia Animator

  • One of 7 who got apprenticeship, in class of 42
  • Completed in 2010 with an average of A

2005: Viborg Media School, 3D graphics/web


Experienced with:

Autodesk 3ds max, Maya
Pixologic Zbrush
Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Engine
Substance Painter
Substance Designer

xNormal, headus UVLayout, handplane, nDo, dDo, Marmoset.

Well versed in: C#, Python, GLSL, HLSL, , cG
Minor experience in: Maxscript, C++, CUDA, MEL