Shaders and Tools

Tools, tests and technicalities.

Many of the images here can be clicked for a GIF of the described effect


Quick Colliders

One-click creation of primitive colliders. Select what needs a collider and select type. The scripts come with multiple ways of determining orientation of the collider.


Maya version

The newer, more compact version. Uses DDConvexHull plugin for generating the convex colliders and comes with capsule collider support.

Download Here 


3ds max version

This is an older version, with an implementation of convex collider generation done by myself in Maxscript. Needless to say, even though it is using the Quick Hull algorithm, it is very slow.

Temporary Dropbox Link

Bake Curvature to Vertex Color

Script-version of vertex baker to save curvature to vertex color on mesh.


Temporary Dropbox Link

Straighten and Align UV Shells Tool

Maya script for aligning curved and wobbly UV shells for better space utilization texel uniformity.


Download here

Fish-Eye Lens

The result of a 48 hour gamejam. Utilizing cubemaps, rendertextures and full-screen effects.




Shader for Bachelor project Feels

For our game project “Feels”, the director wanted a look that was graphic but moody.
I therefore made a shader that uses vertex colors, ignores light direction and has built-in fog (for mobile performance).


Light only affects surfaces based on distance, so point-lights can be used for focus and creates a nice graphical feel
The effect of local light also affects how easily a surface can be seen through the fog, allowing the focuspoints to be seen from a distance
Shadowmaps were utilized to allow dynamic shadows from moving light. Unrealistic, but graphically effective


Feels shockwave

Shockwave effect based on a smoothed sampling of the microphone input.
Serves as feedback for a gameplay mechanism.