Houdini Digital Assets

A continuous development of experimental Houdini tools for education and exploration

Symmetric 3×3 Eigensolver

HDA for calculating the eigenvalues and -vectors for symmetric 3×3 matrices. Good for Principal Component Analysis.


Download from Orbolt

Heightfield Soft Project

Project geometry onto heightfield with a soft falloff.
Has a number of modes, please see link for details and download.

Download from Orbolt

Tuft Creator


HDA for semi-automating the process of creating grass tuft models from billboard textures. Will find the patches automatically and give individual sliders for scale, rotation, distribution and bend.

(Texture Displayed from Quixel Megascans Free Library)

Download HDA



Procedural Valley


The result of brainstorming on generating temporary filler areas for a game. Creates random area using the classic Cellular Automata, populates with rocks and cliffsides and finds spawnpoints.


Download HDA

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